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About Us


At the helm of Windward Design Group is Tina Marker, president and founder. Tina is a natural entrepreneur with a professional, consultative spirit. With over 25 years of experience and excellent customer testimonials, she is no stranger to the industry. Her blended government, nonprofit, small business, and corporate background gives her an upper edge in the industry as a leading marketing, communications, public relations, and media relations consultant and trainer. She is extremely passionate about her work, attentive to client needs, creative in her approach, driven by quality results, and determined to provide cost effective solutions.

Steering in the right direction

Our Name

Windward is a term that refers to the direction from which the wind is blowing. As an avid sailor, Tina knows that moving windward leverages the wind and places you in a more advantageous position against the competition. The windward vessel is more maneuverable and is considered to be on the “higher side”. Windward Design Group partners with our customers to provide efficient and enduring solutions. We can help move your business ahead of the competition.

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